I founded Back in Action PT as a way to combat the degradation of medical care, and provide top-tier care that is not constrained by short visits, or poor continuity of care. The clinic is located within Core Kinetics Pilates Studio, offering 1500 sq ft of beautiful movement space with a mix of cork and mat flooring, and a plethora of equipment including, but not limited to: clubbells, kettlebells, Bosu balls, TRX, TRX Rip Trainers, Shuttle Systems, free weights, a vibration platform, balance discs, etc. Feel free to come view the space for yourself at 1405 Fraser St, Suite F1. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals at Back In Action PT.

Dr. Seth Burke Back in Action PT
Back in Action was founded on the belief that quality care should not be rushed or dictated by third-party payers.  We strive to provide world-class care in a comfortable, relaxed environment, utilizing proven manual therapy techniques that make an immediate difference in pain and function.


  • Bachelor of Science in Biology- Ohio University, 2002
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy- Ohio University, 2006

Work History

  • Performance PT- Bellingham, WA
  • Excel PT- Bellingham, WA
  • Olympic Medical Center- Port Angeles, WA
  • Ferndale PT- Ferndale, WA

Leisure Activities

  • Mountain biking (DH/FR, XC, DJ, road)
  • Snowboarding (mainly BC touring, but I won’t turn down an inbounds pow day)
  • Rock Climbing (both traditional and sport)
  • Cooking fine food